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The Roofing Company are Pretoria and Johannesburg based contractors offering a full range of building, construction, repairs and maintenance services. Furthermore, we are specialists in insurance claims repairs. Upon inspection and request, we are able to provide you with a full report of our findings in addition to a quotation for remedy. Should a report be requested to support any insurance claim, we offer our full support, knowledge and advice through the whole process of your claim.

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Roofing & Waterproofing Problems

It is a well-known fact that properties and buildings in South Africa are the subject of numerous types of roofing problems. Whether you need assistance with your tiled/corrugated iron roof or waterproofing, The Roofing Company offer long term guarantees for peace of mind.
Many home owners give little or no thought to their roof or its maintenance until they have a problem. Often the first signs of a problem will be a leak or a damp patch appearing in the ceiling. These may only appear at certain times, when it has been raining heavily. Or, you may find some broken slates or tiles on the ground outside your property which have been dislodged during high winds. Whilst you can ignore the problem for a while, at some stage the problem will need to be faced by way of roof repairs and/or maintenance.
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